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[20 year anniversary building logo] [1 in 12 Club flag fluttering]

May Day 2001

20 Years of self-management, music & mayhem!

20th anniversary of the 1 in 12 Club. April 27th - May 12th 2001

May Day march! Don't miss this years traditional May Day march and parade. Infirmary Fields, 12.30 pm May 1st. Bring banners, drums, whistles and energy!

[The Claimants Union & a summer of riots]
1981: Claimants Union, punk rock & summer riots

Rock on the dole

T&A, 8 Sept 1981

THE 1 in 12 Club for claimants at the Metropole, Bradford, looks like it is here to stay.


1 in 12 back - and free

T&A, 22 Feb 1983

BRADFORD'S long-lost 1 in 12 Club is back with a music spectacular which won't cost a penny.


Skive off & Jive

LOP, 12 Aug 1983

Sometimes strange characters turn up at the '1 IN 12' Club on a Wednesday night, like the two pictured here.


Roaring Open air success

T&A, 18 Aug 1983.

HOW many groups can boast of playing their sound-check in front of 3,000 onlookers?


Not the International Garden Festival

LOP, 27 July 1984

FOLLOWING three highly successful festivals, Bradford's 1 in 12 Club and Bradford Centre Against Unemployment have again got together to plan this year's 'Not the International Garden Festival'.


It's good, it's cheap, and it's ours!!

NME, 4 Aug 1984

In Bradford there's pubs choc-a-bloc with t'lads. Casual? Fila Lacoste and Pringle may have replaced the cloth caps and mufflers but the attitudes remain pretty constant.


How public money is funding anarchy

KN, 3 May 1985

The Keighley News today reveals that a death threat to a top politician was printed on publicly funded equipment.


1 in 12 Club is under threat

T&A, 9 May 1985

THERE are fears that Bradford's 1 in 12 Club may be forced to shut down.


Club's mix of troubles carries on

T&A, May? 1987

THE 1 in 12 Club have hit problems in their much awaited move to their own, permanent base.


Give me Hell any day

John Peel, Observer, 19 July 1987

'AND a half a lager for me, please,' I whispered. 'Are you sure?' asked the barman, plainly worried.


New centre for unemployed

LOP, 3 June 1988

BRADFORD'S famed 1 in 12 Club will shortly be opening it's new three storey club building after magistrates granted a one-year registration certificate last week.


Young jobless club together

T&A, 15 June 1988

HARD-UP Bradford punks, anarchists and ordinary young jobless proved that where there's a will there's a way by opening their own club tailored to their own needs.


A welcome new home

LOP, 24 June 1988

TUCKED in behind Bradford's Westgate under the shadow of the sky-line dominating Yorkshire Building Society tower block is Albion Street, a small cobbled back lane.


The Dirty Dozen

Sounds, 16 July 1988

UNDER THE shadow of the skyline dominating Yorkshire Bank HQ, Bradford's edifice of credit and consumerism, musical and social independence has a new stronghold . . . the 1 In 12 Club.


The 1 in 12 fights on

Black Flag, summer 1994

"Where's the Gaffer mate?"
"Who's in charge?"
"Can I see the manager?"

On how many occasions have members of the 1 in 12 Club been asked these questions?


"There was this sense of possibilities being open... and fun!"

Sarah and Alec from the 1-in-12 Club, Bradford, 22 June 1995

From "Not for Rent", 1995, (Evil twin publications)

The 1 in 12 Club is probably the most well known autonomous space in Britain. It is home to a wide range of action groups and a venue known for raging hardcore and other musical events. The veggie cafe is top class and the jukebox is full of legendary punk rock singles. There is also no shady landlord to boot you out the door at 11 o’clock. People from all over the U.K. and beyond have cited the 1 in 12 as a source of inspiration. No way were we going to skip this beehive of activity on our journey!

[The Club appears on BBC 2
1982: BBC TV's "Something Else"
[The second Peoples Free Festival is staged]
1983: "Skive Off & Jive" - 2nd Free Festival
[Record collective: "Enemies of the State"
1984: Records - "Enemies of the State"
[Solidarity collective: the miners strike ends]
1985: Solidarity as the miners strike ends.
[1 in 12 Publications Collective: The Freemasons in Bradford]
1986: Publications - The Freemasons in Bradford
[Building collective: Year 2 and the money runs out]
1987: The building collective, half done
[Opening night at Albion St.]
1988: Albion St opens
[Cafe collective: Ma Brench opens the 1st cafe]
1989: Cafe - Ma Brench's opens
[Booking Collective: Chumbawamba play again]
1990: Booking - Chumbawamba
[Building gets a new mural]
1991: the building gets a new mural
[A new musical phenomenon - Riot Grrrls]
1992: The "Riot Grrrls" arrive
[The Rave collective: Stimulations]
1993: Raves - Stimulations formed
[1 in 12 AFC: 1st entry in tournament at Hanau, Germany]
1994: AFC - Hanau tournament
[The Peasants collective take charge of several allotments]
1995: Peasants - allotments taken
[43 club members head to Barcelona for May Day with the CNT]
1996: May Day in Barcelona
[First "Reclaiming May Day" event in Bradford]
1997: Reclaiming May Day in Bradford
[Kids Club was formed]
1998: Kids Club set up.
[Games collective: Pools winners add yet more trophies]
1999: Games collective - more trophies
[Drama collective: Murder in the library]
2000: Drama collective's 4th play - "Murder in the Library"
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