There are several ways to contact KDIS Online:

By post: at KDIS Online, 21-23 Albion St, Bradford BD1 2LY

{E-mail KDIS] By e-mail: editor@kdis.org.uk

Or you can send a message directly through the mail-box below. Type your message and click "SEND".

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Finally, for EXTRA security, you can send E-mail using encryption - to make sure no-one else can read your mail. There are 2 methods;

[KDIS's Public key for PGP] Either using a program like "Pretty Good Privacy" and KDIS's Public Key.

[Husmail]Or, by setting up your own Anonymous account with the free auto-encrypting webmail service "Hushmail" and contacting us the KDIS Hushmail account - kdisonline@hushmail.com (this is very handy and very safe for any whistleblowers out there).

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