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KDIS exists to provide news and investigative reports which would not otherwise see the light of day. Focussing primarily on the Bradford district, KDIS provides "information with attitude" which aids direct democracy locally.

The hallmark of KDIS is its reputation for hard-hitting, detailed and, above all, accurate investigative reports.

KDIS began life in 1981 as the 1 in 12 Club fanzine "Knee Deep in Shit". Best known for its lively, investigative articles, these soon became the main part of the evolving magazine. KDIS also appeared in the form of single-issue "specials" such as "The Brotherhood Betrayed - the true story of the rise and fall of John Poulsons corrupt empire" (1987).

The producers of KDIS became the 1 in 12 Publications Collective, expanding some of KDIS's stronger features into books, such as "The Secret Society of the Freemasons in Bradford" (1986), "The Pickles Papers" (1989) and "Spies at Work" (1995).

Although KDIS continues to appear (irregularly) in printed format, the emergence of the Internet as a widely available communications channel led, in 1997, to KDIS Online. This "instant" outlet for information added a whole new dimension to the way news features could be developed and updated in real time.

KDIS welcomes material from local people, but demands high standards of accuracy. Short topical news stories, eyewitness accounts, occasional reviews or longer investigative features can be submitted.

KDIS is a strictly "amateur" production - we pay no fees or expenses. However, we may be able to offer help on sources of information.

Contact KDIS through the usual channels.

A. Taylor (editor).

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