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1 in 12 Publications is a non-profit organisation which exists to publish material, particularly of local working class interest, which would not otherwise be published.

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"SPIES AT WORK" by Mike Hughes. (1995)

Economic League

This is the full story of the right wing subversive organisation "The Economic League", which became known for it's secret blacklisting activities on behalf of big business, but which has been also involved in anti-democratic conspiracies since the first World war.

Produced largely as a result of the successful campaigning of LEAGUEWATCH, this book traces the links between the League and international fascism, describes the operation of the Leagues "blacklist" and gives a blow by blow account of the campaign to expose the League and the Leagues ultimate collapse.

A frightening vision of the power of the Right and it's links with the secret state. Complete with a detailed "Who's Who" of individuals, companies and organisations involved, this book is invaluable.

"... a fascinating study on the origins of the Economic League and its significance as a right wing pressure group as well as a political vetting agency" - Mark Hollingsworth & Charles Tremayne.

"Mike Hughes deserves congratulations for putting together a history of the League from its beginnings in 1918 to its demise 2 years ago. Especially so as SPIES AT WORK is available on computer disk giving researchers and readers the chance to call up very quickly any references to individuals connected to the League or the names of companies that used to subscribe to the League's dubious services. Recommended." - Labour Research

"THE PICKLES PAPERS" by Tony Grogan. (1989)

Pickles Papers In October 1988 Eric Pickles and his Tory group took control of Bradford Council with a radical programme designed to "wipe out municipal socialism forever".

The story behind the "Bradford Revolution" is the story of Eric Pickles - now an ambitious Tory M.P.  and shadow minister with a safe seat.

It is a story of intrigue and double-dealing, ambition and power, sex and money, conspiracy and corruption, betrayal and blackmail!

"This house congratulates Tony Grogan on the publication of "The Pickles Papers" and believes his revelations ... serve as a timely warning..." - House of Commons motion.

"It is rubbish, inaccurate and defamatory. If any body or organisation reproduces any of it, I shall not hesitate to take litigation" - Eric Pickles.

"Striking Stuff" by Jean A. Gittins. (1986)

The story of the 1984/85 miners strike as told through the poems of a miners mum and activist in the North Yorkshire Women Against Pit Closures. Focussing around her own home - the mining community at Ledston Luck, Yorkshire. Publication was funded by donation, with all the money from sales going directly to the "Miners Solidarity Fund" for those miners victimised by the state.

"... the poems are remarkable for their authentic reflection of fears and hopes expressed during the dispute - and in the aftermath." - The Miner.

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