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KDIS news service goes Offline

[First issue of KDIS (left) and Anthony Taylor (right)]

The online KDIS news service, started 4 years ago, is going "offline" for the foreseeable future.

KDIS Online news editor, Anthony Taylor, disappeared unexpectedly last month. In a recent e-mail from Spain he said:

"Things are changing rapidly at the moment and I felt it necessary to move to Europe to work on some projects I have been planning for some time now.

"Globalisation is affecting everything, even at a local level with such things as privatisation of services and the disappearance of open, accountable municipal bodies and the spread of mass surveillance, and some rethinking in response is needed. I expect to be away some time, travelling across Europe and possibly the US."

KDIS celebrates it's 20th anniversary next month. The first issue of "Knee Deep in Shit" appeared as a fanzine on October 20th 1981 in the 1 in 12 Club, which itself had been formed in April that year.

1981 was a year of major riots across the country. In Bradford 12 asian youths were arrested and charged with "conspiracy" for preparing petrol bombs in anticipation of a National Front attack on the city. Sound familiar?

Note: KDIS Online will retain its current presence on the net, and important new articles will appear from time to time. It you wish to be informed of these developments, please sign up to the "KDIS Alert" e-mail service.
The KDIS discussion forum is expected to continue also.

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1st October 2001


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