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1 in 12 Publications

**** Update October 2009  - KDIS Online archive restored here.****



From the beginnings of the 1 in 12 Club  in the early 80's, for over two decades the Publications Collective took responsibility for local exposés in KDIS magazine and hard copy including "The Pickles Papers" (1989), "Spies At Work"  (1995) and "Striking Stuff" by Jean A. Gittins. (1986) (The story of the 1984/85 miners strike as told through the poems of a miners mum and activist in the North Yorkshire Women Against Pit Closures).

The Collective oversaw the creation of the 1in12 Library in 1996, got its hands dirty helping to organise the Bradford May Day  '98 march, and took care of the club's earliest web presence on a local provider.

When multiple takeovers of the ISP resulted in the loss of the website the online version of the books above, and numerous key stories from KDIS, seemed to have been lost, but we've been digging around and are in the midst or restoring the lost content....it's now all here. Please be aware that this is an archive so date-sensitive information (prices and availability etc.) is unlikely to still be accurate.

Meanwhile, the 1in12 Library - originally opened in one of the smallest rooms of the club, by celebrated anarchist Albert Meltzer in 1996 - now occupies about half of the top floor, and continues to meet fortnightly on Thursdays for cataloging and planning sessions (as well as organising intermittent speaking events and film screenings). The details of the 3000 books and journals catalogued so far are available on LibraryThing. See the separate Library pages for more details...

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